Learning Lions is a non-profit organization founded in Turkana county (Kenya) focused on the selection, education and training of young adults in order to gift them with high value skills in the areas of:- Software development, Graphic Design and Media Production.

The ultimate goal of Learning Lions is to reduce the high unemployment rate in impoverished rural areas of Eastern Africa and enable talented and motivated young adults to work and live a better life full of perspective in their region of origin. Ultimately, Learning Lions with the help of Startup Lions should provide young adults the tools for entrepreneurship and lead them to economic independence.

This is especially relevant in rural areas such as Turkana County (North Kenya) where usual sources of income such as agriculture or manufacturing are extremely limited due to infertile soil and poor infrastructure. But with the chance of having internet access! The skills taught by Learning Lions in combination with the possibility to market them online (Startup Lions), perfectly respond to a growing demand for simple ICT and Media tasks for the regional and international markets and the growing awareness of (corporate) social responsibility.





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Amos Eyanae
Film Editor
Hi, I’m Bobby, 20, and am in the post production team for films here. I was recruited by Learning Lions straight from school where I already did some simple editing works, but with very simple software. I did not know and had no access to all the editing software out there! Having been taught how to use the various tools here at Learning Lions, I am now planning my career in this field and want to create my own startup soon.
Jacob Kono
Graphic Designer
Hi I’m Kono, 25, and from Lodwar. I am a painter and have always been passionate about photography. It is, however, only through Learning Lions that I learnt how to use Photoshop and how to design pictures. I would like to create my own company in this field, and dream of having my own gallery one day…

Nick Limo
Production Manager
I’m Limo, 21, from Eldoret and joined Learning Lions after form four. I am now part of the film production team. Learning Lions allows me to earn a living independent, as well as to meet many new people in the program. If I hadn’t been approached by Learning Lions at boarding school, I would have join university to continued with my studies. Now I can do everything related to production management and post production of videos.
Fatuma abdul
Graphic Designer
Hi, I’m Fatuma, 26.At Learning Lions I trained to become a graphic designer. I have been passionate about painting all my life and worked as a painter in the last years, but before joining Learning Lions I had no idea one can draw with computers, too. It’s fascinating and fun! I learnt how to draw in Adobe Illustrator and started earning a living through micro-tasking online. So far I have designed children’s books, calendars, brochures… It’s great!

Amos Lolibo
Film Director
Hello, I’m Amos, 32, and I am originally from Lodwar. Before joining Learning Lions I had my own little film production company, but was lacking essential equipment. Through Learning Lions I now have access to the needed material, and am furthermore able to develop my skills much further through the training and guidance provided here.
Evans Otieno
Cameraman and Photographer
Hi, I’m Evans, 23, and I am the photographer and cameraman at Learning Lions. As a child I was taken on a few trips by the Missionary Community of Saint Paul and always drew everything I saw. Later, when there was a camera around on these trips, I enjoyed taking pictures. Without Learning Lions, however, I would have never discovered that I actually had a talent for photography and working with a camera.I now hope to be able to develop my skills further and dream of becoming a cinematographer.

Treynor Tumwa
Music Production
Hello, I am Treynor, 25, from Lodwar. After my studies for becoming a music producer, I started my own little company. Learning Lions, however, provided me with a lot more tips& tricks so that I can do my job much better, as well as having more stability in my daily life. I have now brought my sound system to the Learning Lions sound studio so that I can work on many more projects together with the other students in the future!
Emmanuel Loree
Sound Engineer
Hi, I’m Emmanuel, 22, from Lokitaung and I am in the music production team. Am passionate about music. I wanted to become a music producer after school. It was thus incredible luck for me that Learning Lions came to my school to recruit talented students! Here, I received intensive training and guidance, after which I am now able to sell my beats and do other micro-tasks. I am now planning to create our own startup together with my team, meaning I can fulfill my dream of becoming a music producer!

Davies Maina
Hi, I’m Davies, 20, and am from Nanyuki, a town very far away from Lodwar. After school, I had the chance to start my training at Tunapanda, a partner organization of Learning Lions in Nairobi. I then transferred to Learning Lions and plan to soon create my own IT startup with some of the other boys I met in my program. Now that I have discovered programming and the joy it brings me, I am starting to plan my future in this field.
John Loreng
Web Developer
Hi, I’m John, 23, and I am a web developer. I already had experience working in web designing previous to joining Learning Lions, but was seeking to develop my skills further. Through Startup Lions I was not only able to finish my education and start working on several projects under their supervision and with their guidance, I will also be able to create my own startup in this field giving me a long-term perspective for employment.